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People Against Littering (P.A.L)

People Against Littering (P.A.L.) is a non profit organization of kind, caring and unselfish volunteers. We are dedicated and passionate about taking the lead in cleaning up Brampton and working with our City, community and business leaders, and politicians at all levels to solve our littering problem.

Our Mission:┬áPeople Against Littering (P.A.L.) is a movement with a “Brampton litter-free 2024 Miracle” mission. Our goal is to inspire, energize and mobilize thousands of our citizens to show their pride in our city by saying enough is enough, eradicating litter from their neighbourhoods and working with our City, community and business leaders and politicians at all levels to solve the problems that cause the litter in the first place.

Brampton will become world renowned as the first litter-free city in Canada and one of the cleanest, safest and most beautiful in the world.

This will produce a “good news” success story that will create an inspirational spark that ignites a tsunami of fun and exciting anti-litter revolutions of hope, creativity and courage in cities across Canada and around the globe.

Our Vision: Inspire people and empower communities to lead the way in creating a liter-free world.

How we are making a difference

P.A.L. is a bold, revolutionary movement led by unselfish, caring, and dedicated volunteers. We cherish our wildlife, care about our planet’s future, value what our city has to offer, and – we love to have fun! We lead by our actions, inspire by our attitude, and most importantly, we never give up.

We have been diligently cleaning up Brampton since May 14, 2020. Our members have organized over 200 cleanups, hauled out more than 20 tons of trash and picked up over 3 million pieces of litter. We meticulously clean up Brampton’s green spaces, waterways, and streets. We are relentless! Our goal is a Brampton “Litter-free by 2023”

Our Founder – Bill Godfrey

My name is Bill Godfrey, and I have lived in Brampton for 45 years. I am 75 years old and married to a Filipino Canadian. I have a son and a grandson living in Singapore. I worked as an Independent Contractor Courier for twenty years before retiring in 2014. I love solo rock climbing and canoe camping trips. After retiring, I began to pick up litter from my neighborhood. In 2020, cleaning up the environment became my COVID-19 obsession and life’s passion. Every day for 100 consecutive days, for four to five hours each day, I went out alone to clean up the litter, trash, and garbage in the parks near my house. I cleaned up 5 km of the Etobicoke Trail, 3 km of the Etobicoke Creek itself, and all surrounding green spaces. I worked alone and particularly enjoyed the challenge of digging and pulling out shopping carts, rusted barrels, bikes, and other debris from the creek.

In 2020, I spent 725 hours cleaning the city. I started People Against Littering or P.A.L. in May 2020. P.A.L. is a non-profit organization of kind, caring, and unselfish volunteers who are dedicated to and passionate about cleaning up the city. For 2020, I was honored to receive the “Brampton Citizen of the Year” award. This year, I will be receiving the “Inspirational Award” from the City of Brampton for being someone who has made a positive impact by being an inspirational influence on others.

Since 2020, P.A.L. has organized over 200 cleanups and has hauled out more than 20 tons of trash. Our Mayor, Patrick Brown, endorses us by saying, “P.A.L. has single-handedly done more to advance Brampton’s litter-free goals than anyone in history!

In 2021, P.A.L. received a “City of Brampton Environmental Stewardship Award.” P.A.L.’s mission for 2023 is to make Brampton litter-free and one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities in the world.

Fun and Safe

All our events are fun and safe. We love to keep our planet clean and have fun at the same time

Make a Difference

You will be making a difference. Join Us!

Highly Satisfying

Keeping our planet and our neighborhood clean is highly satisfying